Passcodes for Your Smartphone – What Do You Use, If Anything?

February 12, 2013

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This may seem like a rather trivial question to be asking five or six years after the full-time adoption of the “smart-phone”, but I’m genuinely curious to know how many people actually use a pass-code lock provided on their Phone (iPhone/Android/Windows). Check below the poll to see why I don’t use anything on my phone and to enter your thoughts in the comments below. 

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PasscodeIf you’re using an iPhone you’re stuck with a PIN system that’s fairly basic, but only by default. If you’re willing to put in a few minutes there are ways to greatly increase the security of your phone going beyond 4-digit PINs. Those of you on Android may be using a PIN as well, but you also have the option of a pattern lock or even facial recognition.

In any case, I’ve seen people who use no such feature (present company included!) while others protect their phones with more basic security such as the 4-digit PIN offered on an iPhone (which can be bypassed by someone who’s really determined). I’m not sure why I personally am so passive about securing my phone.  When you consider that my data is backed up to more than one place and I use 1Password to create some of the craziest passwords on earth, it’s hard to rationalize the state my phone sits in. What can I say, I hate having to type 4 digits into the phone every time I want to check Twitter or a score online. By score I mean score of the game – not big score as in I just held up a truck full of iPads.

…just for clarification.

After all, most of the apps on my phone that store sensitive data are themselves password protected so what’s the big deal? I suppose I’d be whistling a different tune if the worst were to happen. I can hear myself now saying “why the hell didn’t I throw a password on my phone!”.

So what are your thoughts? Is your phone protected by a PIN?

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