November Thoughts & My Most Unprofessional Blog Post to Date

November 26, 2013

App Overviews

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned through blogging, it’s this…

This is my blog. I chose the address, I selected the design, and I write the content for it when I feel as though I have something useful to say (tonight’s post notwithstanding). With all that being said, this blog is not about me, it’s about you. When I started writing for this site in August of 2012 it was to help get more people on board with technology. I was also hoping I could help people unlock their phones and their computers to help them do things they didn’t know where possible, and to some extent I think I’ve done that. It’s pretty cool when I run into someone or receive an email that says “thanks, I didn’t know you could _____”. Every time I hear something along those lines it helps keep me writing about things that will help you, and not about things like my dog, my disgusting Movember moustache, or the fact that my most successful post of all time is something I wrote over a year ago.

With all of that being said, I thought I’d take a moment tonight to throw out some random November thoughts…

– The Walking Dead on AMC is getting a bit boring and they need to kill off the Govenor. His character is getting tired and it’s time he moved on. Also, how the hell could someone with an eye patch be such a good shot?
– The Apple Bluetooth keyboard is “meh” at best. The fact that it’s lacking a number pad may be a reflection of my age but…it’s also missing a numberpad. I also didn’t care for the fact it wobbled while typing the first day I used it as it clearly did not sit flat on my table. The fact I was able to simply bend it back to being straight; well, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, consider any typos I’ve made within this post to be the result of said wobbling.
– As some of you may have heard I traded in my HTC One last week for an iPhone 5S (white). I’m loving the white, I’m amazed everyday by the speed increase, and I know I made the right choice. Still though, that big screen & those speakers were awesome. If anyone has $600 they’d like to throw me I’d gladly use an HTC One in conjunction with my iPhone. I also have to admit the Mailbox & Tweetbot apps played a major factor in my decision to stick with iOS.
– I still maintain James Reimer is not the man to be leading the Leafs goaltending situation. It seems to me that for every save he makes, he lets in one that I myself could have saved – and that’s saying A LOT.
– I’m toying with the idea of joining a 10 kilometer race in May of 2014. I put this one deep in the post thinking that most of you would miss it and therefore not hold me accountable. We shall see.
– I’ve all but ditched Flipboard in place of Feedly. I know they need to make money somewhere but throwing an add on every third page of my RSS feed isn’t the way to do it. I still have the app installed on my iPad, but it’s days are numbered.
– If you’re on a corporate email system like Outlook, please don’t send me an email that says “can you meet on ____”. Look in my calendar please – it’s up to date and sending 42 emails back and fourth only serves to waste time.
– I watched the documentary called “Blackfish” last week. It’s the story of ex-trainers from SeaWorld and the whales they trained. Quite an eye-opening “tail” I guess you could say.

Don’t worry, I won’t make such posts a regular feature. I just thought I’d take a moment to inject some spelling & grammatical errors into the site. God help me if this becomes my most popular post of all time.

Something tells me it won’t be an issue.

2 Responses to “November Thoughts & My Most Unprofessional Blog Post to Date”

  1. John Blanchard Says:

    Nice post!

    I’m always glad to see some more “personal” things come out from writers I enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

    Totally agree on The Walking Dead, by the way. I’m hoping it picks up quick, I still believe it has the potential to be the best show on television.


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