Add Notes to Evernote Using the New Menubar Functionality (Mac OS)

March 13, 2013


Just a quick post this evening to alert you Mac users — Evernote has released a new Mac client this week that comes with an all new menu bar icon. The old one was pretty handy in that it allowed you to clip screenshots directly into Evernote, but the update takes things one step further.

The next time you’re struck with something you absolutely must remember, you can quickly navigate to the top of your screen and hit the Evernote icon within the menubar to not only clip screenshots – but add notes, audio memos, files and more.

If you aren’t using Evernote on a regular basis or you’re still not sold on the idea, now may be a good time to refer to one of my previous blog posts where I run down an entire list of 10 ways Evernote can help you. They really aren’t kidding when they say “Remember Everything”.

For more on the update, head over to the Evernote Blog.


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  1. Angela Booth Says:

    Many thanks for this. I got the latest update, but wasn’t aware of the new quick not feature.

    I just changed the Preferences and it works. Excellent. 🙂


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